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Ultra Trail de Nouvelle Calédonie

This race created by UTNC association, was born in 2017. At this time it was 110km long and 4500m+ and took place in “Tontouta”/”Paita” town area. In 2018 it was the same thing. And in 2019, UTNC association decide to move the race on the south of New-Cal (Plum Area : 20 km drive from Nouméa)) and upgrade the distance to 135 km.

For its fourth edition the race is still in the same loop ciruit wich is start and finish at Plum. that tracks offering fantastic scenic views, popular tracks and amazing paths.

Le parcours est entièrement accessible au public permettant à la famille et aux amis de vous suivre aux PC et sur la vingtaine de points d’accès spectateurs.

The UTNC 2020 is 132 Km long with a positive elevation gain of 6 000 m. The Trail is ranked 5 ITRA points and in the list of UTMB qualiffied races.

See on the map below the tracks details