From Aid Station 6 to 10

Last time, we stopped at the 60th km, aid station 6 where you’ll find your drop bags.
After a good refuelling, it’s time to leave, the 70km runners are far already !
Walk, run, see, listen and feel… you’ll cross green and red lands, shiny or dark, following the old kanak paths, the mule tracks, through primary forests hooked to the mountain sides.
Tiredness is beginning to be felt… seated on stony ground surrounded by harsh bush, you’ll let your mind slowly dissolve in the blue sky. Lonely in the forest, in the elves’ and leprechauns’ kingdom, with birds for company, in a sweet and peaceful nature… but you’ll have to continue.
On the spine of the hills, while light penetrates you and pleases your soul, you’ll follow your journey, sweaty, with shortness of breath… harmony…
Absolute delight !
You’ll arrive at the aid station 10 (PC 10), you just passed the 100 km.
Stay tuned for the last part of the Ultra Trail !

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