From Aid Station 3 to 6

After Aid Station 3

last week we stopped at the 24th km of the Ultra Trail, the sun is not very high yet and you turn into a wide track before entering a mining maquis and a small forest.
This will lead you to a new valley where several rivers join in a large basin and you’ll arrive at the fourth Aid Station (PC4).
Forget about the horizontal vanishing lines and fly over a luminous immensity (Aid Station 5 / PC5). You will climb the foothills of Mt Gwé Daru.
The horizon moves away to places where shores and sky mix.
From the headlands that line the track, you’ll get a glimpse of the surrounding plains (Aid Station 6 / PC6),
you’ve just finished the first part of the race.
Supplies and a rest area will be awaiting for you because you still have 70 km to go!
Stay tuned to know what follows

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