From Start to Aid Station 3

As promised here are some tracks descriptions of UTNC 2019 :

You’ll start at dawn on Saturday by warming up along a nice easy 7km seaside and reach the 1st Aid Station (PC1). So at that point, refuelling is crucial before climbing 3 km to the top (+750m).
There you’ll enjoy the great scenic view of a rising sun and be hyped before continuing downhill.

  The descent is an easy mining road. This way will pass under a bridge crossing a road and reach the 2nd Aid Station at the 15th km.
So be sure you have enough water, because the next 10km portion will start with a 20min steep gradient, followed by a progressive downhill, a semi flat climb and a short ravine crossing at the 24th km. Then some friendly volunteers will welcome you at the Aid station 3 (PC3)…….

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